What is the purpose and objectives of Grievance Redressal platform portal?

Purpose: The portal has been created to provide convenience to citizens of the state by allowing them to lodge a grievance through their mobile phones or computers. This removes the need for them to appear at any location and file a physical grievance. In addition, it provides them the facility of tracking the live status of their complaint, and providing feedback based on their satisfaction with the resolution. The system also allows the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) to closely track all lodged grievances, and ensure that corrective action is taken in each case.

Objective: The objective of the portal is to ensure speedy, convenient and effective redressal of citizen issues by the administration.

What kind of grievances can I post ?
What are the types of grievances that are not taken up for redressal by the portal?
Can I post a grievance against entities which are outside the purview of State Government (e.g. Railways, Banks, RBI etc.) ?
What should I do if I want to view Aaple Sarkar Grievances Portal in Marathi language format ?
In which languages can I submit a grievance ?
What details do I need to login into the system?
Are both, mobile number and email id, are mandatory to login into the system?
What if I do not receive OTP on my mobile / email id ?
While posting a grievance, where can I write my name ?
Why do I have to provide details of my District & Taluka ?
What are the different levels of administration at which I can file a grievance ?
If I have a grievance concerning Taluka/Village offices, which level of administration should I choose ?
Can I post the same complaint at both District and Mantralaya level ?
What is meant by "Type of Administration" ?
What is the meaning of 'Nature of Grievance'?
What if the subject of my grievance does not match with any of the options in the dropdown 'Nature of grievance' ?
What if I am not sure about the Mantralaya department that I should submit my grievance to ?
Can I attach a supporting document along with the grievance ?
Why do I need to enter Captcha ?
What if Captcha has been wrongly entered?
What should I do if the Captcha image is not clear ?
What if I have forgotten to upload my supporting documents ?
What is the procedure followed by the Grievance Redressal portal to keep the aggrieved citizen updated on his grievance?
Within how many days will my grievance be resolved ?
How will I get to know that my grievance has been resolved ?
Where can I track the grievances already submitted by me ?
Is there any mechanism to provide feedback about the quality of resolution provided for my grievance?
What should I do if the portal stops responding or displays an error ?
What should I do if I have submitted my grievance to the wrong district ?
Can I edit/modify my grievance after it has been submitted ?
What is the governing/audit mechanism in place to ensure effective working of the system?
Can grievances be submitted via post?
I have a question that was not answered in this FAQ. What should I do?
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